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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Here at Steve Smiths we offer a range of different shooting disciplines which are detailed below and are available for practice whenever we are open. Making use of Promatic clay traps coupled with their Claymate system we can accommodate shooting in groups or as a solo shooter with the use of voice activation or time delayed release depending on the discipline. So be it shooting with friends or some quiet practice on your own we will look after you.

For Existing Shooters / Certificate holders using their own gun:

Price per 25 (Non-Member) - £7
Price per 25 (Member) - £6

Note: If you don't have your own gun/certificate please visit our Tuition page from the menu above

Olympic Trap & ABT

We are proud to be the only ground in the area to offer Olympic Trap shooting using the first Olympic Trap layout that Promatic installed in the UK. We have two layouts on the ground, one of which is currently used on our sporting layout the other alternating between Olympic Trap and ABT. Tuesday and Friday are ABT where Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are Olympic Trap. The Layout makes use of the finest Promatic traps combined with state of the art acoustic release system and is completely covered making it perfect for all weather conditions.

DTL & English Skeet

Using Promatic traps our English Skeet and DTL disciplines share the same layout. Skeet can be operated with a timed solo delay and the DTL as well as being under cover makes use of an acoustic release system for the best possible targets.


Our sporting consists of 5 shooting stands and 8 different targets that vary in angle, speed and difficulty. All targets are provided by top of the range Promatic traps and due to making use of our second Olympic Trap layout you will benefit from being completely under cover with a timed solo delay for shooting on your own.

Game Simulation

We have two game simulation stands available. Our Grouse Butt provides a single incoming target on which the angle and elevation can be adjusted by the shooter and also makes use of a timed solo delay feature. On Wednesdays this layout also doubles as the controls for our high tower providing perfect practice before the game season. Note: The Grouse Butt is also where we hold our shooting tuition so will be reserved for ground use when we have lessons or groups in. Our second game stand is the Partridge stand providing three overhead targets and three shooting stands to simulated driven Partridge. On special occasions we can operate up to 8 different targets from this layout using various Promatic traps or link it to their fantastic Huntsman Game Trailer to provide some excellent flushes or additional high bird simulation.

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