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First, I would like to say thank you to Olight UK for sending us this light to review.

Available to purchase directly from Olights UK Amazon Store via the link below.
Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie on Amazon
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I'm not going to spend ages talking about dimensions, beam shots, detailed analysis of run times and lumens etc. There are better places to look for those kinds of details like the extremely clever and thorough guys who review on Candle Power Forums for example. I'm going to assume you are here for the same reason I would read a review, to find out if it does what it says it does, is it any good and is there anything that it does not do that it should or would be better if it did. If you already know what it is, and all the technical details then please skip straight to the review section.

What is it?

The PL-MINI Valkyrie is the world's most powerful compact weapon light with a maximum output of 400 lumens using a built-in CREE XP-L HI LED. This extremely lightweight weapon light is also compact enough to not disrupt the balance of a handgun while being perfect for holster carry. It is powered by a built-in lithium polymer battery, which is rechargeable through our signature magnetic charging port at the bottom of the light using the MCC350 charging cable. The PL-MINI incorporates our quick attach and release mounting system perfect for a carry gun, and is compatible with both Glock and Picatinny rails. With high portability, output, and a convenient magnetic charging system, the PL-MINI is the ultimate compact weapon light built for carry and concealment.
Olight UK

Unlike our friends across the water we don't have much call for pistol accessories in the UK due to our laws on owning the pistols themselves. I can't therefore see many people who own a pistol for humane dispatch or Air pistol shooters having much need for a weapon light. However, we do have a large and enthusiastic Airsoft community to which this light would appeal.

What's in the Box

The packaging is simple and effective, showing you all the important information about the light and doesn't require any sharp implements to get everything out. This is a torch, you are more than likely going to throw the packaging in the bin once you have opened it so there is nothing worse than being given a box that is too nice to throw away and ends up sitting empty on a shelf or in the loft until you break it, loose it or sell it.

Inside the box you have:

Pl-Mini Box Pl-Mini Box Rear Box Contents

Technical Details

Direct from Olight UK Amazon Store:

Pl-Mini Pl-Mini

Hands On

Ok so now we have all that out of the way lets get on with the review. The first thing I did was open the box, Obviously, then get everything out to have a look at. My first impression was just how little the PL-Mini weighed. So, grabbing the first pistol with a rail I could find in the shop (Beretta M9 A3 Co2 Air Pistol by Umarex) I promptly attached the PL-Mini and turned it on.

Attaching the light couldn't have been simpler, simply loosen the quick release catch on the side of the light, locate it as close to the trigger guard as possible then click it closed to hold the light in place. Simple!

Once attached the light was solid and didn't move at all, which was even more impressive since I hadn't even take the time to swap the Glock rail adapter to the Picatinny one that I should really have been using.

Turning the light on was equally as simple, having not read the manual at this stage it took me all of 10 seconds to discover that there were only two modes, Momentary on and constant on resulting in an incredibly simple UI.

Using the light once it was on the gun could not have been simpler, there are two on/off switches, one on the right and one on the left so the light is suitable for any shooter or using your off hand to operate the light. You simply tap the switch down with your finger, I was using my trigger finger, to turn the light on or off, or press and hold to use the light in momentary mode. Simple isn't it? Handling the gun, you couldn't really tell the light was attached, the switches only protruded a fraction past the trigger guard so didn't interfere with getting your finger on to the trigger. The low weight meant that there was no noticeable difference in the handling with the light attached and the small dimensions meant that the light didn't sit below the trigger guard or in front of the muzzle. I didn't have a holster handy, but this should mean that you don't need to remove the light to fit most holsters.

When it comes to charging the light has a handy little light on the side to let you know it's time to stick it on charge, which couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is attach the charging cable to a USB power source then let the magnetic end locate itself on the light and away you go, you even get a handy red light on the lead to let you know it is charging which will then turn green when the light is charge. You don't even need to take the light off the gun, although that is that simply to do it really comes down to personal preference. The only downside I can find to this is the fact that the battery is not replaceable.

Changing the adapter rail to Picatinny rather than the default Glock fitting was about the only thing which wasn't unbelievably simple to do. You need to use a tool, provided of course, to remove two small and rather fiddley screws before swapping it over and putting the screws back in. This isn't something you can really get wrong but the screws, like all screws of this size, have the annoying habit of randomly disappearing under your desk neve to be seen again. Luckily, I did find said screw although, there are two more in the box with the other adapter, and your probably only going to change it the once.

The PL-Mini puts out a lovely beam, it's very bright and has a nice spread. Outside it does a respectable job but where it really excels is indoors where it is ample bright enough to see / blind people even in reasonably large rooms.


Pros: Cons:

The PL-Mini Valkyrie is a fantastic little light and ideal for Air Soft enthusiasts in the UK or even better still for people in those countries where pistols are more accessible. You may have noticed my use of the word 'Simple' throughout the review, which pretty much sums up the light. If you want an extremely cheap eBay light to fit under your Air Soft pistol so it looks the part and maybe to occasionally provide some illumination, then this probably isn't the light for you. However, if you want a quality robust light that you can rely on, safe in the knowledge that it was designed and tested on the real thing so will easily cope with anything your going to throw at it, then I don't think you could do much better than the Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie.

If you are interested in buying a PL-Mini Valkyrie the please follow the link below to Olights UK Amazon site

Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie on Amazon

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