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Welcome to our review of the new M2T Warrior Tactical Torch from Olight. We have been kindly sent this by Olight UK to review and it is available to purchase directly from their UK Amazon store via the link below.
Olight M2T Warrior on Amazon
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I will start with listing some of the technical specs and description from Olight before giving my views on it.

What is it?

The M2T Warrior, based off the ground breaking M2R model is a dual switch LED tactical flashlight equipped with an XHP35 HD CW LED powered by a single 18650 or two CR123A delivering an output range of 1 to 1,200 lumens. This light features a silent and compact tail switch for easy operation. Users can have momentary ON, ON/OFF switching, and momentary strobe all through pressing the tail switch using different pressure. The side switch features a similar operation as the extremely popular OLIGHT S series flashlights for standard carry. With a lanyard hole, dual direction pocket clip, and holster, the M2T Warrior is the perfect light for anyone looking for an easy to operate and high quality tactical flashlight.
Olight UK

Basically, a compact, sturdy, waterproof and very bright torch designed for tactical use.

What's in the Box

Olight have again gone with the simplistic approach with the torch shipping in a plain white box showing a picture of the torch and its technical details on the back showing the modes and run times of the light either the included CR123A batteries or optional 18650 rechargeable battery. It is will packaged and easy to open. For all it is a simple box it has a quality feel which sets your expectations for the light inside, a nice touch. Inside the box you have:

M2T Box M2T Box Rear Box Contents M2T

Technical Details

Direct from Olight UK Amazon Store:

Light Source
Powered By
OUTPUT 1x18650(NOT included in the package)
Box Contents Box Contents Box Contents Box Contents Box Contents

The Review

First impressions were good, the light looks good like most Olights, it has a good weight to it without being too heavy and feels very sturdy in the hand and has a slim head, so it doesn't get in the way in a pocket etc. The light comes with a reversible and removable pocket clip which again is very sturdy, I would probably use it without this as a personal choice and its very easy to remove. A nice touch is the included pin for attaching the strap to the light, usually a fiddly job but made easier by including a simply piece of metal in the box, again a nice touch. Olight have included 2x CR123A batteries in a holder to stop them rattling in the light although you can swap these for a rechargeable 18650 battery if you wish. On the box (and above in the specs) you will notice that using an 18650 will give you longer run times, an extra mode as well as an increased turbo mode. I was pleased to see this clearly documented on the box as a lot of lights perform differently when changing between CR123A and 18650 but I have never seen specs for both on the box before. The light also comes with a holster included in the box which has a belt hoop and a D-ring, which seems made and a nice touch to be included. Using the light is a doddle and follows a similar user interface as other models in the Olight range so if you have used any of their other torches before you should pick it up quickly. Firstly, the side switch and the corresponding modes, pressing and releasing will turn the light on in the last mode you used. Pressing and holding the side switch for over 1 second turns the light on in Moonlight mode. For those who haven't used one of Olights torches before they often come with a Moonlight mode, a very low brightness mode that, as you can see from the specs abo, last for days. There are plenty of situations you will find a use for such a low output, it's just enough to see the path in front of you when its pitch black, reading a map without killing your night vision, as a night light in a tent etc. Holding the button down while the light is on will cycle through the modes which, as listed above in the specs, will change depending on the type of battery you have installed. I have only tested the light with the included CR123A batteries and the range of light modes is ideal, low for walking about, right up to the high modes for seeing further or providing more illumination. Double tapping the side switch takes you to the impressive Turbo mode which will only last 3 minutes before auto stepping down to a lower level to protect the light, which is ample time for quickly having a look across a field etc before reverting to your usual mode. Triple tapping takes you directly to the tactical strobe mode which does a great job of blinding people, ideal if you are in the middle of nowhere or out walking the dog etc and get into trouble. Neither the turbo or strobe mode affect your memory setting, so the light will revert to your previous level when turned of and on again. Lastly, pressing and holding the side switch for over 2 seconds puts the light in lockout mode, resulting in the low battery indicator built into the switch lighting briefly if you try to turn it on from either switch. This is ideal if you are carrying in a pocket or bag to stop it accidently turning on. To disable this simply press and hold the side switch again until the light goes into moonlight mode or unscrew the tail cap and screw it back. The side switch is almost flush to the body of the torch and I found I needed to run my thumb around the outside to find it, I could see this being an issue if you were wearing gloves. The light also has a tactical silent rubber tail switch, this protrudes from the rear of the light preventing tail standing but making it easy to access even with gloves on. Gently press the tail switch and you have momentary turbo mode which will turn off when you release the switch. A harder press takes you to constant turbo mode allowing you to release the switch. A long hard press on the tail switch takes you to tactical strobe mode. The tail switch is very easy to use taking you straight to the tactical modes and has no effect on the memory of the side switch. This is great for having the light set to your preferred light mode for walking around but quickly flick to turbo mode with the tail switch when required, this negates the need to double or triple press the side switch. If you were using the light in a tactical or self defence situation this makes everything simple, my old M22 and M23 warrior lights required triple pressing the tail switch to get strobe which under pressure might be harder than it sounds so it is nice to see Olight have found a solution to this. The light puts a fantastic beam out with a nice hotspot in the centre while still having a very useable spill providing plenty of illumination in all the light modes.



Another fantastic addition to the Olight range, slim, sturdy and waterproof with a range of light modes to suit your situation this really is a do everything light. Although this is marketed as an M series light so more for the tactical / law enforcement market it is so versatile. The tail switch is useful if you just need to quickly access the turbo mode or strobe if you needed to for self-defence, where the side switch allows you to use it for all other situations you may require a torch resulting in a product that will appeal to almost everyone and isn't just limited to the tactical market. It would have been nice if the tail had allowed the light to be stood on its end although it is hard to really class this as a true con as Olight have their S series of torches which offer this and are designed more for the standard carry market, but you can't have it being completely perfect can you. The only thing I could really hold against M2T is the side switch being fiddly to find in the dark although I took to positioning the pocket clip, so the switch was sitting right next to it and this made locating it quickly so much easier.

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